Lauderdale County Board of Education-RFP ELA Notice.6-12-19

Accepting Bids
RFP for 9-10 Grade ELA Curricula

The Lauderdale County Department of Education, 321 Armory Ave, POB 350, Ripley, TN 38063 is accepting bids for Grade 9-10 ELA curricula for the 2019-2020 school year.
9th and 10th grade ELA curriculum that focuses on reoccurring central topics for building background knowledge, literacy skills, and academic habits. Curriculum must be taught through authentic texts and topics that support the Tennessee State Standards for Grades 9-10 ELA.

Teacher and student editions must be in print format. All strands of the standards are to be integrated including:
• Instructional Routines
•. Reading for Detail
•. Evidence-based Claims and Arguments
•. Text-Dependent Questions
•. Explicit Writing Instruction
•. Text-based Vocabulary

Quantities for appropriate grade-level materials:
280 students Grade 9 and 260 students Grade 10.
Teacher editions: 8

Sealed bids will be opened on Monday, June 24, 2019,
at 10:30 am.

“The Department reserves the right to accept or reject bids and to determine equal or better.”

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