Lauderdale County has first positive test for Coronavirus

Lauderdale County officials have been notified by Health Department officials that the county has its first positive test result for the Coronavirus. Due to laws concerning the release of individual health information, officials will not release the name of the person who has the virus.

More information will be released as it becomes available.


  • I understand, BUT how does that alert anyone who has been in contact with the infected person?

    • Exactly. How are we supposed to know if we have been in contact with this person or someone else who has had contact with them.

  • We need to know who so we can protect our selves and our love ones .

  • All that you need to and are allowed to know is where the person work and where they potential contracted the virus. There are HIPPA Laws to protect Personal Health Information. I’m sure that this will be announced as soon as possible and we all need to be more vigilant about staying in and limitations with social contact…that includes local stores. I am AMAZED that people act as though this is a game and they are on staycations.

  • I’m not sure if it’s this person, but my daughter works at Komatsu and employees were told yesterday that someone in the warehouse tested positive.

  • I’m sure they have the individual under quarantine and have asked them who they have beenin contact with. If your name I mentioned,
    I’m sure you will be contacted.
    Everyone should just stay home to keep it from spreading throughout the community.

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