Mask requirement extended by Mayor gaines

  Lauderdale County Mayor Maurice Gaines has extended the requirement on masks being worn in public. Gaines did not set a date as to how long the extension would be. He issued the following statement:

  “After consulting with the municipal mayors, local and regional health departments, and the hospitals in West Tennessee, the decision has been made to extend the county mask mandate. This decision is deemed necessary for the health and welfare of our citizens. 

  “I urge everyone to be diligent in wearing your masks so that we can work together to protect ourselves and each other. My decision to implement this mandate several weeks ago was one that was not made lightly. This is a medical issue and only the information centered around the health and welfare of our citizens was considered when implementing this mandate.  

  “We have numerous citizens in our county who have medical issues that warrant our consideration when something as simple as wearing a mask can protect our neighbors and families. 

  “I hope the time comes very soon that this is no longer a needed defense and life can get back to a more normal day for us, but today is not that day. Gov. (Bill) Lee is leaving this decision to local mayors since the rising case numbers are unique to each district. After speaking with him directly, however, he does support and see the need for masks as he deems it to be one of our best weapons against the spread of this virus.  

  “I want to thank all in advance for your understanding, and I appreciate your willingness to be conscious of your own health and safety as well as that of your neighbor. Lauderdale County is a great place to live, and I know we can all come together to protect each other.”

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